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Do I have to take my CPAP machine on holidays with me?

The simple health professional answer is yes. We recommend using your CPAP machine whenever you sleep (including naps). You don’t want those nasty sleep apnea symptoms creeping back and destroying a great holiday!

What if I want to go caravanning or camping?

Our CPAP machines can be run off a 12 volt battery + inverter. The best tip to save power is to turn the humidifier off.

Would my CPAP machine be allowed on an aeroplane? 

We recommend seeking clarification from the airline with which you intend to fly. Generally, because a CPAP machine is a medical device most airlines allow it to be taken on-board without it counting toward your normal carry-on luggage. It is also recommended that if your flight is during the night, or you have a long flight and are likely to fall asleep at some point you seek advice prior to booking your flight. Some, but not all CPAP machines, have aviation approval to be used on-board. It may also be necessary to consider a seat that has power source access.