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Siesta Sleep Service 

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Thank you for choosing Siesta Sleep Service as your trusted sleep health provider.

We look forward to providing mutual care for your patients.


We recommend either of our Easy-Use Electronic Referrals for Doctors & Health Professionals wishing to utilise our service/s.

The electronic referral provides for a smooth and time-efficient referral process.



*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please scroll down and refer to How to Import Our Electronic Referral Into Your Best Practice Software.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent Medicare changes an OSA 50 Score (5 or above) & Epworth Sleepiness Scale Score (8 or above) 

are now REQUIRED for a sleep study referral to meet Bulk Billing eligibility

Please download the Epworth Sleepiness Scale below. 

This form is also available electronically (attached as one document) to our electronic referral above.


If you would prefer our Referral Pads, we can arrange delivery of these to your practice.   


How to Import Our Electronic Referral Into Your Practice Software

Download & save our electronic referral template

DO NOT open the template until you are within your practice management software.

Allocated fields and parameters on our template can then be adapted within your practice software to suit.

If you have any issues please contact us on 0431 390 548.