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Easy-access chamber
A simple push of the button gives access to the water chamber which is easy to fill and clean.
User-friendly menu and buttons  
Large responsive buttons that work in harmony with the menu to allow quick navigation and ease of use. Patients just need to push “Start”.
Built-in connectivity options
Cellular* ensures automated data transfer between healthcare professional/s and patient.
Bluetooth® technology enables patients to track their progress instantly using the SleepStyle App.
Quiet, integrated design
The power supply and humidifier have been integrated fully, to minimise space taken beside the bed.
With the comfort features below,
the SleepStyle is everything you need
Fisher & Paykel's world-class humidification features a heated breathing tube with AirSpiral™ technology that is designed to minimize condensation.
Their enhanced algorithm delivers a comfortable humidification experience for patients. 
A responsive ramp throughout the night. When wakefulness is detected, treatment pressure is automatically and promptly reduced to a more comfortable level.
This eases the return to sleep and helps effective treatment to continue.
Expiratory Relief
An added layer of comfort. Automatically relieves CPAP pressure during exhalation to make breathing more comfortable.
Enjoy a peaceful Siesta &
let us take care of your sleep health 
F&P InfoSmart™
When the Siesta Sleep Service team are sleeping, F&P InfoSmart automatically monitors our patients on an ongoing basis, alerting us to those who need our attention.
F&P InfoSmart, along with the built-in connectivity options mentioned earlier, allow us to manage your pressure and comfort settings remotely without the hassle of you needing to attend our clinic.  
F&P SleepStyle™ App and Web
As our patient you can have access to meaningful information allowing you to follow your progress and compare it against how you have done on previous nights. 
You can also take action with troubleshooting tips provided.

Lastly, what is the difference?


Fixed Pressure Vs Automatic


A fixed pressure device (CPAP, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), is set by your health professional at a recommended air pressure level suitable for you. The device will deliver the set air pressure level in a constant manner throughout your entire sleep period once you start the device. However, this level of air pressure can be increased (or decreased) to your requirement. 

An automatic CPAP device (APAP), can sense and calculate in 'real-time' the required pressure level that a patient requires at any given time during their sleep period. The device detects when a patient is about to stop breathing and increases the air pressure blown by the machine automatically to ensure a patient’s airway remains open during a respiratory event. As a patient’s breathing returns to normal, the air pressure automatically decreases and returns to the minimum pressure set by your health professional.

In terms of long-term Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) management, both CPAP and APAP devices have been shown to be of equal efficiency. 

However, it is important to understand that lifestyle changes can affect a patient's pressure requirements. For example, weight and stress fluctuation may be better managed by the APAP device.

If you are unsure which mode of therapy is best suitable for you, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will gladly assist you.

Siesta Sleep Service offers In-Home trials on CPAP equipment.